Class VIII Foundation

For Class 7th To Class 8th Moving Students

(Duration: One Year)

Class IX Foundation

For Class 8th To Class 9th Moving Students

(Duration: One Year)

Class X Foundation

For Class 9th To Class 10th Moving Students

(Duration: One Year)

Class XI Foundation

For Class 10th To Class 11th Moving Students

(Duration: One Year)

Class XII Foundation

For Class 11th To Class 12th Moving Students

(Duration: One Year)

Class VIII To X Integrated

For Class 7th Studying Students moving to Class 8th

(Duration: Three Years)

Class IX To X Integrated

For Class 8th Studying Students Moving To Class 9th

(Duration: Two Years)

Course Highlights & Additional Benefits

Coverage and revision of Class 11th and Class 12th syllabus

Thorough preparation for school/board exams

Regular tests on school/board as well as NEET pattern

Extensive and in-depth study material

Test Series Course for NEET preparation

Question Bank for NEET



Fee Structure

Course NameSubjectMonthly PackageYearly Package
Class VIII FoundationAll Subject₹2500/-₹30000/-
Class IX FoundationAll Subject₹3000/-₹30000/-
Class X FoundationAll Subject₹3000/-₹30000/-
Class 11th FoundationPCM/PCB₹3600/-₹40000/-
Class 12th FoundationPCM/PCB₹3600/-₹40000/-
Course NameSubjectMonthly PackageYearly Package

Terms & Conditions

  1. Confidential information such as photographs, academic background, course, and card details provided by one party to the other in writing, graphics, recorded, readable, or the concerning languages should not be disclosed to any.
  2. The offline/online classes must be attended by the student only and recording or sending files related to coaching classes to others is illegal.
  3. The classes are provided only for the subjects one has taken admission.

Refund Policy

The refund policy is going to be applicable as per Surely NEET norms.

Fee Payment Options

Scan the QR or send money to 9205379914 from any app. Money will reach Surelyneet’s (Abdul Majid Khan’s) bank account.

  • UPI: 9205379914@paytm
  • Paytm: 9205379914